1968 PMG Technician in Training




Any photos of the training schools and the boarding houses from 1968 (Click Here)

The Class of ‘68

It was on the 22nd January 1968 when we joined the PMG 5 year “Technician in Training”

Scheme. A large mob of country boys came to the big smoke to join their city cousins to commence a career in telecommunications.

Three training schools were used to accommodate over 700 full time first year TIT’s with sections 1 to 8 at 95 Albert Rd Strathfield in old army barracks, sections 9 to 16 at the new North Strathfield school opposite the station and sections 17 to 24 at Alexandria which was next to the Tempe tip. We learnt about magneto telephones with wind up handles which were still being used in the bush, Sylvester switchboards that had long cords and step by step automatic exchanges that buzzed all day and night.

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Throughout first year there were a few who fell by the wayside (some went on to careers in the lines area, clerical, and the post office) and those who continued were rewarded with field postings that would determine their career path in the exciting world of communications.

Now known as block release, years 1969 to 1972 included many visits back to training school mainly at Annandale, it was a good time to catch up with old and new acquaintances.

At the end of 1972 most of us were Technicians and then had to decide what to do next with our lives. Some remained at technician level while others continued further training in order to gain promotion, others left the organisation to follow other career paths.

Reunions are held every 5 years with our next one in 2023, see notices for details.

As most of us head towards retirement we can still recollect those good old days involving boarding houses, parties and of course work and all those people we have met as the Class of 68.

Just to see if the old memories are working – the PMG test what comes next Blue, Orange, Green, Brown,……… (the answer will be handed out next reunion).

One thing that will never change, you will always be a 1968 TIT.

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